RAP sucks because:
* one word. sellout.
* there is no musical talent involved. it's just some guy talking real fast about the ghetto or something.
* the beats... they're repetitive... like the droning of bees... ahhh bees!
* "keepin it real"...yeah... capping your grandma and petty theft is going to stop the oppression of "the man"
* something about violence being bad...
* annoying usage of words like dawg, yo, and tight
* some guy with 50 gold chains is telling me about how he grew up in the ghetto...
* promotes materialistic values... more money, more cars, more hos, more tupac CDs...
* hey yeah... you know... Eminem, he's pretty hard ass... with his unloaded gun and all...
* if that gun had been loaded he would have put a bullet through the guy hitting on his wife. anger management classes, anyone?
* yeah those rappers are "keepin it real" by living in their mansions in Malibu... whoa, that's almost like the ghetto
* they make songs about themselves and say stuff like "Jay-Z in the house!" i don't give a fuck about who is in my house.
* promotes stuff like shooting your kids and shoplifting stuff from places like Trader Joe's "fool, I jacked trail mix!"
* they all think they are so bad ass... so how come they don't kill cops? i always see them on Cops though... getting beat up.
* ten people buy a CD, rapper buys a new .45

my own rap song
bust a cap:

i bust a cap
yeah it is fly, yo
(background singers): yeah yeah!
die cop die
i rob a 7-11 fool
and the guy said no
i'm J-Dawg and i bust caps
(bs):yeah yeah!
so i bust a cap
up his ass
(bs):yeah yeah!
cause it's tight
and i'm J-Dawg
bust a cap
(Guest):yo yo yo this is Big O.D.
i rob kwikimarts and smack some hos
then i took my tight 9mm
and bust a cap
up a cop's ass
and up a old lady's ass
and up some kid's ass
and up my homie's ass
and up some white guy's ass
and up some black guy's ass
and up my hamster's ass
(bs):yeah yeah!
then i wore my fly clothes, yo
and i robbed another store
(Big O.D.):tight, fool!
(me):cause it is fun
to bust a cap
up someone's ass
to get money
which i don't use
because i shoplift everything
bust a cap
up your ass
(background singers sing for a while)
fuck crap shit bust a cap
fuck crap shit bust a cap
fuck crap shit bust a cap
fuck crap shit bust a cap
fuck crap shit bust a cap
fuck crap shit bust a cap
fuck crap shit bust a cap
fuck crap shit bust a cap
fuck crap shit bust a cap
(this goes on for a minute)
bust a cap
peace out brothers!
buy my CD!
or i'll cap you!
buy it!

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