All opinions expressed on this page are not concrete and subject to change without a moment's notice. This page was created to express my opinion and for me to do shit when I am bored. It is for me to write bad grammatically incorrect english without getting bitched at by anal english teachers and for me to rant about shit. It is for me to draw comics without actually needing artistic skill and funnyness. It's another excuse to work on something without having to do actual work. I'll make claims and opinions without consulting any real facts and base opinions contradicting the facts because I feel like it. I'll call your mom a five cent whore even though her market value is five bucks because it's my page and I'll do what I want. I'll make fun of fatasses while stuffing my face with In-N-Out, diss computer nerds while playing computer games, shit on the nerds while being in the same smarty classes they are in. I'll do what I want when I want and my opinion is what I say it is not what I said it was. I'm a cynical and apathetic son of a bitch with nothing to do but put down the shit I see around me. I'll make fun of the fat cash moneys political machine but I won't do shit about it. I'll make the effort to read about the news and shit but I'm not going to do anything to stop bad shit from happening. Why? Cos I feel like it. It's a page of apathy, sloth, and incoherence. And that's what this page is about.  back