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See Shit

Tay-G's Hood - it's some funny shit. AND 100% pokemon compatible - a dose of truth that might be updated daily

Jason's Webpage - ranting, ranting, and more ranting... it's always all about you, isn't it?

James's Webpage - worst piece of trash i have ever seen

Funny Shit

Newgrounds - sick sick sick games... Damn James you are one sick son of a bitch - a site with flash cartoons... funnier than mine - this site has funny cartoons and addictive games. it's pretty damn nice

Phil Hendrie - here is the official Phil Hendrie site... Hendrie does a funny ass radio talk show

Download Shit

Freewarehome - too cheap to purchase software? I am! Go here to download stuff for free! - a place to download software - a better place to download software

Read Shit - this is a really cool online thing, with a lot of funny shit. it's kinda like a magazine... i guess... go check it out - i write for this page. well there's a lot of other bunk on it as well.

Band Shit


The Offspring

Green Day

Save Ferris



Webpage Shit

Geocities - go here for your own free webpage

Tripod - go here for your own free webpage also - want to make a webpage? teaches you how - want really neato gadgets on your webpage? go here!

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