Put your hands together niggas! Welcome to the summer vacation update extravafuckinganza! You poor son of a bitch. After you are done reading this you will know how much time you will have wasted going through this "updated" site. In fact the updates are pretty piss poor. If I were you I would be so pissed that I would hunt me down and kill me. That's why I bought a new gun. First up is a James Show comic that was written probably 3 months ago and was finally scanned and put up. Second, I decided to slack off on the etceteras and I only did 5. I wrote a half assed manifesto and two music reviews on Beck. And to top that huge steaming pile of... uh... yummy food, I have created a new section... the Games section. This is where I will put up games I have made using C++. Most of them will be calculator games for my TI-86 that I have converted... And what better game to start off with than my critically acclaimed... Whores of Mexico! And more on the way. So it is with great pleasure that I am able to present to you this horrible excuse for an update. And for that I am truly sorry... *snicker* suckers...


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