My name is Bob and I will be your tour guide today.

Look ma, it's Bob!

    Let's start our tour at James' entrance page.  This page informs you of updates (ha ha ha, that's funny). For help on things to do and see in James' webpage go to his guide page (which you are reading right now).

    Moving right along we go to James'  main page.  From here, you can go everywhere in the page. While you view the main page go ahead and sign the guestbook. You can also email James with death threats, complaints, comments, questions, pictures of your pets, and stuff like that.

Click on Brainface to see more pictures. I just put him in different backgrounds such as Vietnam, Disco, etc.
View credits so you can kill everyone who helped bring this evil into existence. When you are done viewing the credits, press the "back" button on your browser to leave.
My links page has a list of links to different sites I have stumbled on.
The humor section contains jokes.
Russian Roulette is also avaliable, it's a javascript game.
The music page has an Everclear page, album reviews, and stuff on why rock is better than other music.
For easy navigation, there is a small navigation console at the bottom of every page mentioned above.

That concludes our tour.

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screw you!