Are you bored?
(well you must be if you are visiting my site...)
Grab a buddy, sister, brother, mom, dad, grandparent, russian farmer, mob leader, sleazy stripper, pet,or anybody or anything else you have lying around the house and get ready to play an exciting game of Russian Roulette!
I want to play Russian Roulette too mommy!
stop reading this, play the game!True Story: Some security guard in Spain tried to play Russian Roulette with 4 bullets in the chamber. Guess how long he lasted?
Great Script by The Isham Brothers
How to play:
1. Enter player names.
2. Click start game.
3. The player the computer has chosen to go first must pull the trigger.
4. Keep pulling the trigger till someone dies a horrible death.
(the chamber is spun every round)
5. reload the page after every game or it will not work)

Enter Name Of Player 1: 
Enter Name Of Player 2: 

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screw you!