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Everclear formed in Portland, Oregon in 1992.
Art Alexakis (vocals,guitar), Craig Montoya(bass,vocals), and Scott Cuthbert (drums,vocals) got together and formed the band. They recorded their demo tape for $400, which was meant to be given to clubs to get gigs but became their 1993 debut album titled "World of Noise". Greg Eklund replaced Cuthbert on drums in mid-1994 because Cuthbert had violated the band's "no drugs" policy. Their second album, released in 1995, was titled Sparkle and Fade.  The album became a big success with songs such as Santa Monica, Heroin Girl, and Heartspark Dollarsign.  Santa Monica became one of the biggest modern rock songs of 1996. They released their newest album in 1997, So Much for the Afterglow.  The album became a huge success with hits such as Everything to Everyone, I Will Buy you a New Life, Father of Mine, and One Hit Wonder.  The album went double platinum and the band recieved the Modern Rock Artist of the Year award from Billboard. Everclear is planning to release another album due in 2000.
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Everclear is. . .

art alexakis: vocals, guitar
Art Alexakis

Art Alexakis was born on April 12, 1962. Art grew up in a housing project in Santa Monica, California.While in Santa Monica he got involved with drugs and crime. His mother suffered from a nervous breakdown, his girlfriend and brother overdosed on drugs, and he nearly died from an overdose on cocaine. He moved to San Fransisco and joined a band called Eazy Hoes.  He then formed a band called Colorfinger and founded a record label for it. It went bankrupt after a month and Art moved to Portland, started Everclear, and got married.  His daughter, Annabella, was born four days before Everclear's first rehersal.

craig montoya: bass,vocals
Craig Montoya
Craig Montoya was born on September 14, 1970. During his teens, he dealt drugs while living in Spokane, Washington. After spending a couple nights in jail, he decided that he wanted to turn his life around and never return to jail. He soon got a job washing boats, and moved to Portland to join his band, Soul Hammer. They later disbanded, and did not release any albums. After the band split apart, Montoya joined Everclear. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is engaged to his girlfriend,

greg eklund: drums, vocals
Greg Eklund
Greg Eklund was born on April 18, 1970. He grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and he played with a band called Jollymon. Greg left the band shortly after the release of their album, Sailing, to move to Portland. Greg then played for a short time in the band Nero's Rome. When he learned that Scott Cuthbert had been dismissed from Everclear, he called Art. The band held an audition for him and, after passing the audition, Greg joined Everclear. On July 6, 1997, Eklund married his longtime girlfriend Ellina. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

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