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"Come on people now, smile on your brother, try to love one another..."

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James Mak

James Mak

James Mak

James Mak

Netscape's idiot proof Page Composer

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heroin... oh yeah
mmmm los drugos

Slave Driver
James Mak

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uh... do you see a counter anywhere?

Guestbook Service
Guest World

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no sound either... who the hell is making these credits?

Image Suppliers
ha ha... like I'm really going to remember all of them
thanks anyways

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er... uh... I have to uh... leave now...

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This webpage was made possible by:
James Mak
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Netscape Page Composer
Notepad 1.0

A woodchuck can chuck several hundred pounds (what a buff rodent).

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Other people who I am too lazy to name

Very Special Thanks To:
(mmmm pringles...)

Bill Gates was not harmed during the making of this webpage.
This page is viewed best with Netscape, alcohol, and drugs.
If you used Microsoft Internet Explorer I will hunt you down and kill you, unless you live more than a couple feet away... then it would take too much energy to get up and kill you.
All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.
I don't want to spend money on copyrights and trademarks for stuff that technically belongs to me, so go ahead and steal all the stuff you want.
Wait... my lawyer just told me to tell you that I didn't say that.

Hungry Guy in Resturant
hey jackass... the credits ended!

I am BATMAN!!!
The president did not want to make a guest apperance on this webpage. Sorry.
Please don't ask me to design webpages like this for you.
Refrain from talking during the movie.
The Club has proven effective against theft.
Don't read this.
If you are ever in prison, don't drop the soap.
Peace out

Thanks for visiting my webpage!!!

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F   P
T   O   Z
L   P   E   D
P   E   C   F   D  R
E   D   F   C   Z   P N
F   E   L   O   P   Z   D
D   E   F   P   O   T   E   C

If you can read the last line you need to put your head further away from your computer monitor (you might get cancer).

 Garfield is sick of being called fat.
Everclear refused to create a song about this page.
Superman is not a real person. (really!)
 Did you notice this text changed?
There's shrimp sandwich, shrimp burger, shrimp on a stick, shrimp with ketchup, shrimp with holes, holy shrimp, raw shrimp...
 Give me money. $$$$$$$
No, I will not turn this into a porn site... mmm...

Let's all hold hands and sing!

It's time to disrespect dead people i don't like
Tupac (bust a cap up your ass bitch... ha ha)
Hitler (h i t l e r spells dickhead, where's your army now dickhead? ha ha)
Heaven's Gate (i'll see you in hell, ha ha)
All you dead smokers (cough cough cancer sucks eh? go fuck yourselves, ha ha)
All you death row guys (don't worry they sterilize the needles for your injections, jackasses! ha ha)
Drunk Drivers (shit, how could you hit that fat ass tree? damn you are soooo stupid. ha ha)

And people who we should see dead...
Garth Brooks (good bye to shitty music)
Teachers (slave drivers! all of you! go to hell!)
Rappers (hope you get shot in the head like tupac)
N'Sync (good bye to shittier music!)
the Government (anarchy rules!)
Assholes (wait... then we couldn't take a crap)


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