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the comics take a while to load so you might want to do something else while you wait. they are big and fat files so go do something else like visit one of my other pages. it's worth the wait... really! so i might be lying...
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now we present to you...
psycho bunny: in which we learn gestapo is bad
Psycho Bunny - my very first comic
Saving Ryan's Privates: in which we learn that it's bad to rescue sluts during battle
Saving Ryan's Privates - it's full of nazi killing fun!
Judge Hitler: in which we learn that everyone who steps into the courtroom is guilty
Judge Hitler - you thought Judge Judy was bad...
The James Show: in which we learn that james has too much time on his hands
The James Show - the show where we make fun of stuff
Christmas at the North Pole: in which we learn that bad little kids sometimes get dead elves in their stockings
Christmas at the North Pole - Santa's gone too far this time...
Agent Wombat: in which we learn russian nukes don't work
Agent Wombat - it's james bond! or not...
Space Slug Invasion!: in which we learn salt is bad for slugs
Space Slug Invasion! - more antics of Agent Wombat
Let's Gut Hitler: in which we learn never to go to Big Joe's Plastic Surgery
Let's Gut Hitler - Hitler gets his ass kicked again even with Satan on his side
Political Survivor: in which we learn that coloring sucks a lot... for me
Political Survivor - my first... and last... color comic

stuff that is planned or is currently in production:
Agent Wombat: Bad Monkey Ninjas (production halted for a while)

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