the Characters

psycho.bunnyName: Psycho Bunny
Affiliation: None
Description: As a self-appointed protector of the free world, this bunny doesn't rely on super powers or flashy gadgets, just his trusty submachine gun and a couple carrots.
Appears in: Psycho Bunny, Let's Gut Hitler

Name: Agent Wombat
Affiliation: Australian Secret Service
Description: A parody of James Bond, this wombat gets stuck with suicide missions, cheap gadgets, transvestites and low pay. But hey, a wombat's gotta make a living.
Appears in: Agent Wombat, Space Slug Invasion!
Name: The Reindeer
Affiliation: The North Pole Faction (NPF)
Description: A group of mercenarys with headquarters in the North Pole, the reindeer run a military operation that works for whoever hires them. The NPF was first formed as an underground group financed by the FBI to shut down Santa's use of slaves. After Santa was killed, the NPF reformed as a mercenary army.
Appears in: Christmas at the North Pole, Space Slug Invasion!
Name: The Gestapo
Affiliation: The Governments and Corporations of the World
Description: The Gestapo is the iron hand with ambitions to rule the world. They use fear and intimidation to coerce others to join them. With headquarters all over the world, they have placed puppet governments to temporarily control the population until the time is ripe to strike.
Appears in: Psycho Bunny, Judge Hitler, Let's Gut Hitler
Name: Hitler
Affiliation: Nazi
Description: Left for dead after the war, Hitler has tried to return to power by using the Gestapo. Fortunately, his forces have been foiled many times by his arch-nemisis, Psycho Bunny.
Appears in: Judge Hitler, Let's Gut Hitler
Name: Chief of Police
Affiliation: LAPD
Description: He's chubby, he eats donuts, and he's a racist beating machine. Yes its the pig of all pigs, the chief of police. He is always munching on something and he's ready to enforce the law with his brutal beating stick. Get in his way and he'll waste you, rodney king style.
Appears in: Psycho Bunny
Name: Fat Tony
Affiliation: Alley Cat Mafia
Description: Fat Tony one powerful cat. He's a mafia boss, and something of an anti-hero. With his clean white suit and fat cigar, Fat Tony will help you, for a price. Originally he showed up in a really crappy strip I did called "Marty's Psychadelic Adventure", which was scrapped.
Appears in: Agent Wombat, Let's Gut Hitler
Name: James
Affiliation: None
Description: It's me, the designer of this webpage.  James smokes crack and cusses. No not me, the guy in the comic strip wait hold on... it might be the other way... I'm confused. The only way his show gets on the air is by buying commercial air time. With a bunch of stupid guests and an unlimited supply of crack, his show is some really weird shit.
Appears in: The James Show

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