Give it up for NSTINK!
boy bands suck because:
* they don't write their own songs, or music, they just sing and dance... kinda like a monkey circus
* a bunch of guys prancing around on stage singing just doesn't appeal to me...
* sellouts.
* some big corporate whore out to make ca$he$ puts the boy band together, hires a guy to write music, hires a guy to write lyrics, pulls some preppy kids off the street... instant boy band!
* it's all about the money
* this music panders to kids whos parents won't let them see PG movies or something
* have you heard their songs? same theme, same music, and it's the same for every damn boy band out there
* something about them reminds me about San Franscisco but I can't quite put my finger on it...
* S E L L O U T S
* i saw one of those fuckers with dyed hair like he was thinking he was punk... er no.
* did i mention something about being in it for the money? maybe.

song time kids...

hi everybody! i'm glad you think we look so hot and we are so cool and we are the best so we're gonna sing a song for you!
i looovee youuu nooowww
(pre-recorded music starts blaring out of the speakers)
ooooooooooooo (start singing really high)
yeeahh yooouuu arreeee thheeee onneee forrr meeeeeee
i looooovveee yooouuuu
(enter hip drum thingy)
(they start dancing)
backstreet's back for more!
(they dance some more)
tearing up my heaarrt
(dancing and annoying music)
loovvve yoouu
with all my heart
(more annoying music)
come on give it up for us cause we are so hot!
(dancing some more)
yeaahhh cause your tearing up my heart
(dancing with annoying music)
ooooooooooooooo (glass starts to break)
yeeahh wheeen i'm loooooviiing yoooouuu
(more dancing)
yeah we are the best so keep cheering!
god must have spent
a little more tiiimmmeee
(annoying music)
ooonnnn meeeeeee
(dancing and annoying music)

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