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society is driven by greed, competition, and exploitation. we are forced into this society, forced into their wars, forced into it's service, forced into this bullshit. fuck this. we don't have to take this anymore. do you actually like how it is? the government is oppressing us. they pull us into this brainwashing bullshit. they force you through school. but why is it that it seems that i am the only fucking person in the whole fucking school who sees the fucking school as a fucking prison? they've brainwashed everyone. brainwashed 'em by stuffing our minds full of useless crap so no one notices that they have been dragged into the government's service. i mean, go to my school. look around. all of them, assholes who actually like to be there, they want to get that job, they want to be whores to the big buisnesses. hey fuck them, you don't have to be like them. do you want to be a whore for a big buisness? don't you ever think for once... think about how this society thrives on all the wrong things? how people actually enjoy getting rich and laughing at the poor? look at this shit. i have this theory on the government. maybe people can't think and they are afraid of being free. is that it? look at you bastards. sitting there reading this. what if suddenly someone told you to think? what if they told you you had freedom? freedom from all this shit? would you go crazy? fuck you. the brainwashing is all around. you see it in the buisnessmen, you see it in the smiling students, i see it in you. so... fuck the government, fuck the cops, fuck the school, fuck society, fuck work, and fuck you.

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