the policy at my webpage prevents me from reviewing ass music by "quality" artists such as Limp Bizkit and Santana. If you would like me to review some of the shit albums by fuckers such as Eminem or Papa Roach, you may give me an album to trash and make fun of.
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these albums are reviewed by me and are my opinions and if you don't like em, fuck you.

Rating System:
Excelente! Kicks mucho ass! 10
Apenas tan bueno como una botella de tequila por la mañana! 9
Muy bueno! Escucharía esto mientras que me ejecuto de la frontera patrullo!  8
Este álbum es aceptable. Estaría vendiendo algo las baratijas baratas a los turistas Americanos gordos.  7
Está sobre promedio. Apenas un poco. Mis olores de la respiración tienen gusto de la comida para gatos.  6
Mediocre, pero él comenzará a oler como un whore muerto en el tronco de un limo del mafia.  5
Debajo de promedio. Un dígito binario mejor que el agua en Tijuana sin embargo.  4
Se siente como ser mauled por la frontera patrullan perros y el ser maced en varias ocasiones.  3
Como una prostitute mejicana... tome sus ocasiones pero vendrá probablemente fuera de malo. 2
Evite esto como el INS. 1
Eh vatcho! Si usted compra esto usted es tan malo como los yanquis que lo hicieron!  0
FUCK THIS! albums that get a 3 or less receive the "fuck this" stamp. stay away from this CD at all costs. hip shit! albums that get a 9 or 10 receive the "this is good shit" stamp of approval. these albums are guaranteed to please... like your mom

the albums
anti-flag a new kind of army
beck odelay
beck steropathetic soul manure
everclear good time for a bad attitude
everclear learning how to smile
everclear so much for the afterglow
everclear sparkle and fade
everclear world of noise
green day warning
green day nimrod
green day dookie
local h pack up the cats
rage against the machine the battle of los angeles
save ferris modified
social distortion social distortion
sublime sublime
presidents of the USA presidents of the USA
the offspring conspiracy of one
the offspring americana
the offspring ixnay on the hombre
the offspring smash
the offspring ignition
the offspring the offspring
weezer weezer
various artists box of rocks
various artists forrest gump soundtrack


anti-flag: a new kind of army
Anti-Flag . A New Kind of Army
hip shit! rating: 9
This is a pretty good album.  Even though I'm not really in the punk scene, I liked a lot of the songs. Most of the lyrics were well written and the music was really kick ass. For the most part, the album carried a strong political message as well as a call for unity.  The only thing I didn't really like was that the music was kinda repetitive for a couple songs, but it's a small price to pay for such a good CD. Even if you aren't into the whole punk thing, this is still a CD you should check out.
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beck: odelay
Beck . Odelay
hip shit!rating: 9
Filled with confusing lyrics that make no sense and a strange pop feel with funny techno sounds, you would think that this album is crap. It is not. The music is catchy and flows very smoothly. I can't explain it, it just sounds really really good. Listen to Devil's Haircut and Where it's At to get good samples of the kinds of music on this album.
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beck: stereopathetic soul manure
Beck . Stereopathetic Soul Manure
FUCK THIS!rating: 1
Piece o' shit.
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everclear: songs from an american movie vol. 2: good time for a bad attitude
Everclear . Songs From an American Movie Vol. 2: Good Time for a Bad Attitude
rating: 7
This was a nice album. Although it was better than the previous Everclear album, just a few songs kept it from going higher. I really thought Babytalk was annoying and didn't really like The Good Witch of the North. Most of the other songs were kind of mediocre, but I really liked Rock Star and Slide. The CD wasn't much better than the previous one, they should have just put out one new album and left out the shitty songs. But, I got this cd for free from the and it was definitely worth my money... har har, maybe it will be worth the fifteen you spend on it.
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everclear: songs from an american movie vol. 1: learning how to smile
Everclear . Songs From an American Movie Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile
rating: 7
If I could sum up this album in one word, it would be "disappointment" I am a big Everclear fan and this album was a pretty big disappointment. Maybe it is because it comes right after their best CD, so much for the afterglow. And probably because Everclear hasn't put out an album for a while. This new CD is more like a pop album and I really don't enjoy listening to pop... I get these extreme N'Sync flashbacks and end up drunk in the alley with a shitload of weed and pieces of my leg in my mouth. Now, I'm not saying it's all pop all the time. There are songs in here that sound like something Everclear would play, but not enough of them. I especially liked AM radio, Wonderful and Otis Redding.
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everclear: so much for the afterglow
Everclear . So Much for the Afterglow
hip shit! rating: 10
This is probably the best album i own. this album kicks ass and is really cool. I could relate to a lot of the lyrics and I also liked the music.  I really like how Everclear uses a variety of instruments and still is able to retain that rock noise. The music is very catchy, and the vocals have improved a notch from their old album.  If you are looking for all those great Everclear songs they used to play on the radio, you will probably find them in this album.
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everclear: sparkle and fade
Everclear . Sparkle and Fade
hip shit! rating: 9
This is the second album put out by Everclear and it rocks! I really liked this album because I can relate to the lyrics. I listen to this album when I'm depressed and stuff. Some of the music isn't really good, a lot of the songs seem very repetitive, musically. Aside from the music this album is a good buy. This album is a lot like Everclear's other album, World of Noise, the music is heavier although I think the vocals have improved.
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everclear: world of noise
Everclear . World of Noise
This is a kick ass album put out by Everclear. Although you may have never heard the songs in here, they are very good. The music is a little heavier than the other Everclear CD's, with a louder rock sound. The lyrics are alright although the vocals are not as refined but it fits the heavier rock sound of the album. This album is different from the other Everclear albums, so don't expect the Everclear you hear on the radio if you decide to buy this album.
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green day: warning
Green Day . Warning
rating: 5
This album was not as good as the previous Green Day albums. It lacked the heavier rock sound of Nimrod and the catchiness of songs on Dookie. I found many of the songs repetitive and some of them weren't well written. It wasn't a total loss though. "Deadbeat Holiday" and "Minority" were pretty good. Other songs such as "Macy's Day Parade" were well written, but had piss music. Unfortunately, even the good songs go bad after a while, this CD is only good for a couple times through. When everything's said and done, this album is not worth your money.
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green day: nimrod
Green Day . Nimrod
This is a very nice album.  Green Day is an awesome rock band and this CD reflects that. With plenty of radio hits such as Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin' A Ride, and Time of Your Life, this album is definetly going to be worth your money. Although I don't really think some of the lyrics are well written, I enjoyed the music for the most part. The only rant i really have is that some of the songs in the middle and end get kinda boring and annoying after a while. Still this is a very good buy.
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green day: dookie
Green Day . Dookie
hip shit! rating:10
This is an excellent album.  Although it is old, many of the songs on this album are still being played on the radio, many of its songs are catchy and well written. This is one of the few CDs in my collection that has songs that don't get old. After buying it, I spent several months listening to this CD and the music didn't become annoying, it was able to retain the same freshness as when I had first put this CD in my stereo. Overall its a bitchin cd that is well worth the $11 I spent on it.
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local h: pack up the cats
Local H . Pack up the Cats
FUCK THIS! rating: 3
Once, a rat died in my aunt's house in the wall and it stank a lot like this album stinks. The music is redundant and they repeat stuff a lot. Like the same damn words over and over. And over some more. And they have 15 tracks, but only two or three are actually good. Not like it matters, all the songs sound the same as the one before it. The music isn't particularly bad, it has a grungy, heavy, rock sound. But it wouldn't hurt to just mix it up a bit... I mean, I was listening to it and you can't tell when the next song starts and when the old one ended. It's just like a really long, boring, repetitive CD. Save your money on this one.
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rage against the machine: the battle of los angeles
Rage Against the Machine . The Battle of Los Angeles
rating: 4
See, Tamon sold me this album for five bucks. He tends to sell lots of crap for five bucks and I always end up buying the crap cause I think it's going to be alright. Well, I got ripped off again, just like that piece of crap offspring CD. I like the lyrics and the political message the CD carries but I could just piss on the music. I HATE rap-rock. It is complete ass. It sounds like total crap. If Rage didn't try to rap the lyrics and sung them, they would be really cool. But noooo let's be a bunch of asscraps and do some raaaap rooockk! Good lyrics, bad music, although Guerilla Radio and Testify were good. but you expect me to sit through 12 tracks of rap rock? Er... no.
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save ferris: modified
Save Ferris . Modified
rating: 5
This album was alright. I liked it mainly because of the music, which is very upbeat and catchy. This album is good but I didn't really like some of the songs that were kinda slow like Let Me In. Three songs really shine in this album and they are Turn it Up, The Only Way to Be, and Mistaken. The others were kinda so-so, with not so great music.
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social distortion: social distortion
Social Distortion . Social Distortion
rating: 4
There is one complaint I have about Social D and it's that their songs drag on. Although the songs are all about 4 minutes, they dragged and dragged on and on. Also repetitiveness is pretty present in this album. I found the lyrics to be alright, and the musically they were pretty good. But the songs just drag on too much to make this a good album, besides having only ten songs isn't that great of a deal either.
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sublime: sublime
Sublime . Sublime
hip shit!rating: 9
Crap. What is this world coming to? This album is filled with tons of hip-hop influences and the record scratching noises, yet the rating says 9? Yeah. This is a damn kick ass album. It's like a blend of hip-hop and rock. But not in a bad Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Linkin Park shit way. Here, there are actually vocals, and unlike those other shitty bands they don't try to rap while playing rock. The music itself actually fits in with the vocals. Don't fuck around. Get this album.
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presidents of the USA: presidents of the USA
Presidents of the United States of America . Presidents of the United States of America
FUCK THIS! rating: 3
I bought this and I was pretty disappointed. This album has pile of steaming shit written all over it. Although it had few good songs such as Naked and Famous, it was full of crap that dragged on and on and on and oh will it never end? I mean like Boll Weevil just kept repeating "Make him see that the sun is shining outside" so much I wanted smash my speakers through my head just to stop the droning. Then there was crap like "Stranger" which was probably written for people who are hearing impaired. I put this in my stereo and by the end of the CD, my only thought was "I spent ten bucks on crap! Right on!" So here's a tip for you. Download Peaches, We Are Not Going to Make It, and Naked and Famous on MP3. Those are the only good songs. After downloading, you can buy a really cool, Limited Edition POTUSA coaster from me for five bucks. It looks just like the CD!
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the offspring: conspiracy of one
The Offspring.Conspiracy of One
It's no Smash, but at least it's not an Americana. Conspiracy of one is an pretty good CD. Although all the songs on the CD are good, none of them are really excellent or kick ass, except One Fine Day.  I think I liked the CD lyrically more than I liked it musically. Now, with only thirty seven minutes of music on this CD, it isn't exactly the greatest deal. If you have a computer machine, the CD does have stuff on it to view and play with... although it is all played through after an hour.  Still, this CD lacked a shitty song that was annoying and stupid.  Unfortunatly, there weren't many songs that were really hip. Besides, I got it for eight bucks. The good points easily override the bad ones. Good for you.
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the offspring: americana
The Offspring . Americana
This CD is alright. I'm not saying it's great, I'm not saying its total ass, like Kid Rock.  There were a couple good songs but the songs that sucked really pulled this one down the crapper. Some songs are annoying, long, or slow, such as Pretty Fly for a White Guy, Pay the Man, and Feelings. This creates a problem because it leaves only a few good songs and you don't get your money's worth. I really don't think this is a really bad album, but it's not the best. Worth a look, but I wouldn't really suggest buying it at full price.
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the offspring: ixnay on the hombre
The Offspring . Ixnay on the Hombre
hip shit! rating:9
Here is another bitchin album put out by the Offspring. I found this a really good album. It has good lyrics and good music. This is really a album I recommend buying. I didn't really like some of the songs, but that is what the skip track button is for. Only one or two songs aren't really great and they can be easily overlooked by the quality of the other songs. Go out and get it now!
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the offspring: smash
The Offspring . Smash
hip shit! rating:10
Kick ass. Kicks mucho ass. This is one of the best albums I own. I think this is probably Offspring's best album. The lyrics are well written and the music is good. I really liked this album because I could relate to the lyrics and also the music was good to listen to.  This is a must-buy for the whole family (except your little sister who listens to N'Sync, your uncle who lost his arms in 'Nam, your workaholic dad, crazy cat aunt, and all those other freaks).
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the offspring: ignition
The Offspring . Ignition
Something is wrong here. See, the band's old albums are supposed to be kick ass and as the albums get newer, the band either sells out, gets old, or starts to suck and the new albums suck more than the old ones.  Ignition isn't that great. Although the lyrics are well written, the music is not something I would want to listen to all day. Still, if you are an Offspring fan, you might like this.
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the offspring: the offspring
The Offspring . The Offspring
FUCK THIS! rating:3
Ah... Almost complete crap. Pro: three good songs: Jennifer Lost the War, Blackball, Kill the President. Con: eight pieces of shit, including Beheaded, Tehran, and Demons. Pro: bought this crap for five bucks. Con: could have bought your mom for that money and could have had a lot more fun. Pro: lyrics are alright. Con: Music is crap, vocals are crap. Pro: ehh... Con: it sucks. really. buy smash.
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weezer: weezer
Weezer . Weezer
This album is filled with songs that have catchy tunes, but not so great lyrics... holy shit, they're like Blink 182! The music, though, was catchy and it sounds real nice at a high volume. Besides that fact, this album sorta sucks. It's only got ten songs, and some of them are real goddamn boring as hell. I don't think I heard one word of profanity and some of the songs are about some sort of girlfriend. And I don't agree with what they have to say in Surf Wax America.
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various artists: box of rocks
Various Artists . Box of Rocks
FUCK THIS! rating:1
I don't really think you can buy this CD, i got it for free in the mail. Yeah. Free stuff is usually as good as the water in Los Angeles. Maybe that's why i got it for free. Although it is called Box of Rocks, it should be called Box of Awful Crap because this shit is brutally bad. Yeah real bad. Be glad you can't find this in stores.
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various artists: forrest gump soundtrack
Various Artists . Forrest Gump Soundtrack
rating: 6
Ok, so this isn't really modern rock but it is still a very good cd for those of you who like classical rock. This cd has all those cool songs that old fogies listened to such as Hound Dog by Elvis Presley, Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sloop John B by The Beach Boys, Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkle (from "the Graduate"), Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane, and stuff. It is very good to listen to, and it's fun for the whole family. My only rant is that some of these songs kinda suck. They have crap I would never listen to like that R-E-S-P-E-C-T song and other stuff.
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